Thursday, July 24, 2008

Biodex Test 1

I overslept. Or rather, I woke up at the appointment time. HAHA.

It was Biodex test for my knee today.
Not good.

Isometric Bilateral protocol, Extension/Flexion pattern, that's what I was tested for.
I was strapped to the machine and was supposed to push my leg upwards as forcefully as possible, in 3 sets of 5 seconds and 5 seconds rest in between.

So, Sheik (another physiotherapist) was screaming "PUSH, PUSH, PUUSSSSHHHHH, PPPUUUUUUSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!"
Mind you, the doors were closed. So, after that, Sheila came in laughing, "Sheik, what are you doing, screaming? people outside are laughing"

oh well, "passing grade" is 30% deficit.
I got a 45.8% deficit. :(


diana said...

jia you for ur next biodex :)

ting said...

=D thanks. man, i need to do more weights.