Wednesday, July 30, 2008


baa. i'm broke.

every physio session costs $40.
I have physio twice a week. $80 a week, $320 a month.
(and no, NUS insurance ended at the end of june, so i can't claim anything, cuz they said I've graduated. BAA~)

had my lungs checked this month cuz of blood in sputum.
total fees so far, $170. =/
yea, the doc says I've got bronchitis.
it should be due to the scarring when I last had pneumonia.
more tests to make sure I don't have other complications. (fingers crossed)

it doesn't help that i have to repay bank loans, pay my phone & internet bills and transportation.

BAA. i need money to drop from the sky, or perhaps, just appear out of nowhere. RAWR

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