Sunday, July 27, 2008

The "Perfect" Job.

How many people already know what they want to be when they graduate?

In terms of specific jobs, eg: Officer of Corporate Communications, Creative Design Leader, etc.
And do you actually know what it entails? Well, half the time when reading the job descriptions, I do get the gist of it, but still they do seem rather vague. And after some time, every job description seem so similar to one another.

What was your childhood dream?
And do you still want to be that now?
Do you have a back up plan, just in case you don't get to be what you want?
Wait a minute, who dreams that way? Dreams are supposed to be PERFECT.

As for me, I always wanted to be a gynae. But with a degree in science, I don't think so.
And I don't know what my back-up plan should be.

Every job that I suggested I could do, to my mum & sister, got rejected.
Not once or twice, but many times.
And concerned friends tell me that the markets for this and that and THAT are also not too good.
All of them expressed their opinions in what is beneficial, bad, boring, glam, tedious and what nots.
It basically cancels out all the options. (and no, I don't intend to coach, at least for now, cuz I've already done it before. I would like to explore, just like you ain't it?)

BAA~ Gimme a perfect job laa.


eunice said...

i want a perfect job too..

ting said...

hurhur. tell me abt it! =/