Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We love cows.

Met up with my primary school classmates today.
Arthur and Jacqueline.

Arthur was my partner in class, we were both rather short then, like the shortest few. So, we got to sit in front. HAHA. I don't remember a day where we didn't make fun of each other at all. HAHA.

Jacqueline was my best friend in school. She tells me about all her stuff. Boys included. LOL. I knew every of her guys, till I lost track. =X
After that, we went to separate secondary schools, we only managed to meet up once a year.

And now, both Arthur & I are taller than Jacqueline. Late bloomers, I say.

We had MERLIONSTER sundae at Ben & Jerry's - 6 small scoops topped with fresh bananas, brownies and a topping of your choice.

At first, I thought MERLIONSTER was a sundae where the ice-cream flows out from somewhere, mimicking the Merlion. But after finishing the entire sundae, I realised that it makes you so full that you want to do a Merlion. HA.

Since we went to Marche for dinner and Ben & Jerry's for dessert. We decided to have steak the next time we meet up. Guess why?

They both have cows as their mascot. HAHA

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