Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleepless in Singapore.

I have 5 more days. =/
I hate to say this, but I might really need Stilnox soon.
It's a sleeping pill to put it simply.
Images are constantly up on my mind whenever I try to sleep or am asleep.


en said...

my parents use stilnox, they love it- it doesn't knock you out but just relaxes you. but, apparently it was one of the pills that heath ledger took so there's been like.. controversy around it :) ask your GP about what's best!

HI NANA!!!! do you have a blog? i haven't heard from you for like.. forever!!

ting said...

HAHA. tt's my company's pdt. LOL

en, tt woman ROM-ed then sent me pics. like drop bomb on me liddat.

en said...

what's pdt? product? are you serious? hahaha you're in pharmaceuticals? hahahah

hahah who ROMed? nana right? where is she? NANAAAAAAa

ting said...

YES to all.

beats me laaa. she nv reply my "WHAT, U ROM & JUST SENT ME PICS?"