Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tuesdays have always been my happiest day of the week.

Back in jc, Tuesdays are the days where I get to see my crush most out of the entire week.
Tuesdays are the days where I get to have the same lectures as the other crush.
(when the previous crush graduated, well, it's true to an extent, out of sight out of mind, no?)

I name Tuesdays, the Yellow Day.
As the colour yellow makes me feel happy.

As the years passed, Tuesdays are waffles days, where Mei & I will head down for half-priced waffles at Gelare. =D
Tuesdays were also used to be "Tuesdays with Ting", adapted from the book Tuesdays with Morrie, except that I'm perfectly healthy.

Having a Tuesday-day just makes the day special.
Makes me want to doll up, makes me want to see a special someone, makes me want to smile more, makes me feel that everything is extra beautiful.
It just naturally makes me happier than the other days of the week.


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