Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finding Tempo.

As some might already know, I've started on my rehab just this Monday.
It's gonna be a everyday thing for a good 3 weeks.

The 1st few days had been really tough, I wanted the trainer to push me hard, so I can go back to the game fast.
Muscleaches would be with me for the next 18 days at least.
You might not realise, playing netball for me is not a chore but a passion.
It has kept me focused, taught me life's lessons and kept me motivated.

It's been slightly more than a year since my surgery last June.
And I'm really thankful for those who showed encouragement & support during time.
People who have urged me to go for rehab, so they can see me in action again, to fight as a team again. Thank you, it kept me going from my crutches to just my knee brace then to be able to walk properly again.

It's really heartwarming, when each and every one of you who cheered me on, who bothered to ask how I am doing.
I hope I'll be able to return to the game soon.
Steve (my trainer) said I can join tomorrow's club training.
But just with forward running movements.
I'm happy enough for now.
Step by step, I'm sure I can get there soon =)

I'm coaching NUS netball for a tournament that starts in less than a week.
The Scarlette has launched The Little Black Book online this week.
Tired, but I'm still finding the tempo.

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