Monday, August 24, 2009

One Third.

It's exactly 129 days to the year 2010.
Just amazing how two thirds of the year just past me by.
many many episodes.
been in the company for a year now.
change of status.
first car.

one thing didn't really change - my luck.

my car had many hiccups since i started driving, the most recent one when a malaysian motorcyclist who tried to overtake me on the right, when i signalled right & turning right. -.-
remember the day when CNY came, i was so damn happy cuz i finally didn't 犯太岁.
still, i can't believe the amount of people who gossip about other people without first self-evaluating themselves. (i just checked, 2010, i won't 犯太岁)

so far, concerned friends have told me to see a fortune teller to calculate some 紫微斗数, change the strokes of my name, do some rituals to ward off the bad luck.
ha, i better do it soon.

anyway, i'm happy.
'cuz i get natural glowing apples everyday.
XOXO aplently.

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