Friday, November 13, 2009

Movies List.

The last movie I watched was a crappy one.
Please, do not watch Merantau Warrior.

Anyway, a few movies I'm hoping to watch on screen.

My Sister's Keeper.
A best seller by Jodi Picoult, adapted into a film.
I haven't read the book, partly because I didn't want to be disappointed by the lack of content from the movie. Well, it's been the case for all book-to-movie films so far.

The Blue Mansion.
A local production by Glenn Goei.
It's about a murder mystery of an Asian tycoon who dies suddenly & returns as a ghost to uncover the secret of his death.
The trailer got me hooked, especially the line, "Your father died once, but he's already had three coffins".

This is seriously freaking me out. It's based on the many prophecies made around the world that everything might just end in the year 2012.
I googled 2012 and there were a long list of results revolving around the end of the world, bible prophecies, mayan calendar & the phenomenon marking the end.

Oh well, live in the present right?
Busy busy November.
Last but not least, The Scarlette Originals rock!

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