Sunday, August 31, 2008

=) this weekend was kinda lovely.
Well, I did have to work on a saturday.
But the food at Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel was just YUMMY!
Okay, no pictures, cuz I'm kinda new on the team. so kinda paiseh la.

I had my first attempt at making fried rice with only 2 eggs and a whole tub full of rice.
HAHA. okay la, no one had stomach upsets. And it's been about 48 hours already.
I fell asleep after that, missed out on the supper and someone just conveniently ate up my share too. =S

oh, ate a lot today: Waruku, Marina Square for dinner, slack & relax at Pacific Coffee, Vivocity & 2 rounds of durians at Keong Saik.
HURHUR. funny, but I enjoyed the Durian talks. very provoking i must say.
righto booboo?

haha saw this damn cute & smally bike parked next to ours.
it's like a bicycle la.


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