Thursday, August 28, 2008

Six months.

I realized that the time span of 6 months is used for many things.
The calculator tells me 6 months = 182.621099 days.

The probation period of a new employee is 6 months.
The doctor tells a dying patient that he has 6 months left.
Renewal of road tax can be made every 6 months.
The gym gives out a free trial period of 6 months.
A contract job is usually 6 months.
A child's development is determined in the first 6 months.
There is this power braces that give you straighter teeth in 6 months.
A premature ejaculation cure can be done in 6 months.
And even the product I'm selling, has significant relative risk reduction in 6 months.

Tell me about something regarding "6 months".


uaemoc said...

A premature ejaculation cure can be done in 6 months.


But for me, in 6 months I will be in Singapore again. :)

So happy.

And you know, I should have ignored Amanda when she said she didn't need money last Spring when you guys started the Scarlette. I would own a good share of this soon-to-be marvel. ;)

ting said...

haha. what will u be doing back in SG?

poo said...

6 mths of prison time =)