Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gloomy week.

Gloomy weather, gloomy days.
I can't wait for the sunshine to come my way.

Accompanied my mummy to the temple, she wanted to return thanks to the gods for my new job.
Went shopping with her around the area too.
OG was giving out free pearls, freshly opened from oysters.
Mummy made a pair of earrings from the pearls we got.
Ooo, I got some clothes for work. Mummy thinks I'm boring wearing white shirts & black bottoms all the time. heh.

Oh and I tried parking the Edix. =(
man, it's huge la.
And I don't like driving in the rain, vision is damn bad.

I don't like the week I just had.
And I certainly don't think relationships built over time can be that worthless.
Love yourself first.

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