Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Your bustline can't fit."

Other than having training at office.
Wenhui met up with me during lunch hours.
Ha & all we did was try to shop as much as we could.
Bleah, I was like back in the office just 3 minutes before my next training commenced. =P

After work, met up with my sister at FEP.
She knew the owner at Yuan (Fate), which means purchases were discounted la. (with my sister promising them some packet drinks the next time, after we finished 7-8 pineapples tarts at the counter. HAHA)
Bought 3 tops and a dress. Of which, 2 had to be altered.

HAHA. bro-in-law lemme drive them from town, where he picked us up, to Clementi for dinner.
Then showed me where to pump gas & petrol.
Oops, and I think i accidentally scratched one of his rims. =X

Ok, mooncakes distribution later at work.

ps: felt better after saying how i felt. =)

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