Sunday, August 3, 2008


Lester Yeong Shiyuan (Singapore)

A very good morning to you, Still awake? Hoope your saturday has been fun and tiring so you can have a great sleep on ur sunday. ---'`,---,-<@ drink up more as the weather is hot ye! Still, i really hope you can text me and chat with me yeh 92326559 ^^.
You have no friends in common.

I just received this friend request at 7.15am. ERM, damn weird can.


Anonymous said...

LOL so now Im not the only one here. I got this random text from the same number too and I was like, WTF?
``Good evening. So how was you day? Have you taken your lovely dinner? Remember to as if you don't you'll be hungry >"<


ting said...

ha no clue.
and who is this?