Sunday, August 3, 2008


I was trying to find out who were among the tops.

2008 Top 20 Pharmaceutical Companies Report

The weak U.S. dollar played a strong role in this year’s Top 20 Pharma Report. Several overseas players look a lot better than they should, thanks to my insistence on converting all results to dollars. In local currencies, many foreign and domestic players were barely able to eke out growth in 2007. Several companies still managed to post solid gains during the year, but even they were haunted by the specter of patent expirations to come.

It was a tough year at many of these companies, with layoffs reaching the tens of thousands. New leadership teams, with chief executives not much older than your humble editor, have inherited truly untenable situations.

—Gil Y. Roth, Editor

So their brochure is not bluff but real stuff. HUR.

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