Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dates with an ex-datee.

Matilde is a nun convinced that faith moves mountains. Secretly she begins a mystic fasting to end what she considers to be the second great flood. Elena is a thin and fashion-conscious woman ashamed of her daughter's chubbiness. She's willing to do the impossible to make her daughter Linda thin so Linda will look like a little princess on the day she receives her first communion. At the same time Elena's husband Gustavo, a professor of architecture - cannot cope any more with his wife's bones sticking into him during more intimate moments. For relief, he turns his attention to a buxom female student with a hearty appetite. More here.

Wall-e is good. I love Wall-e & this little cleaning robot called M-O.
M-O (Microbe Obliterator) is a cleaner-bot programmed to clean anything that come aboard the Axiom that is deemed as a "foreign contaminant"
HAHA. freaking cute.

Was out with an ex-datee on these movie-trips.
HAHA. well, he was my jc classmate.
Haven't met him in 5 years.
Time really flies, so much so that weekends mean so much to me now.

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